Hevel +Co Partners With The Revenue Accelerator® For Onboarding Technology

MINNEAPOLIS, August 5, 2013 – The Revenue Accelerator today announced that Hevel and Company, LLC (Hevel +Co) has joined its Value-Added Reseller network. This new relationship allows Hevel +Co to offer The Revenue Accelerator onboarding technology system to its prospects and clients.
"Given Diahn Hevel’s expertise in onboarding, we are excited to work with her and her team. For over a decade, she has manually created onboarding experiences for companies. Through this partnership, she can offer automation, consistency and scalability to her clientele through onboarding," said Lee Salz, Founder and CEO of The Revenue Accelerator.

Diahn said, "Creating a comprehensive new hire onboarding program can be a daunting project for any size organization looking to accelerate revenue growth. Lee’s innovative system falls right in line with our mission to maximize the return on investments in sales and service forces. We’re thrilled to add The Revenue Accelerator to our offerings."
About The Revenue Accelerator®
The Revenue Accelerator onboarding system helps newly-hired salespeople get up to speed, fast. A blend between onboarding technology and learning management system, The Revenue Accelerator helps companies effectively onboarding their new salespeople leading to reduced ramp-up time and higher performance levels. The Revenue Accelerator system can be used by companies of all sizes, in any industry. Learn more at TheRevenueAccelerator.com.
About Hevel +Co
Hevel +Co provides consulting, coaching and skill-building programs focused on maximizing the ROI in sales and service forces.  Bringing 15 years prior experience in executive sales management and sales operations, President Diahn Hevel founded the organization in 2002 with her first client who hired her to redesign their new-sales-hire onboarding program.  For over 11 years, Hevel +Co has engaged with a wide variety of organizations, providing everything from performance management programs, sales leader coaching, incentive and reward programs, to employee readiness for change initiatives. To learn more about Hevel +Co visit www.hevelandco.com or call 614.882.2315.

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Sharon P. Salz
The Revenue Accelerator | Sales Architects | Business Expert Webinars
Executive Vice President

Diahn Hevel
Hevel & Company