Sales Onboarding Expert and The Revenue Accelerator Founder Lee Salz Named to Top 25 Sales Influencers List by OpenView Labs

MINNEAPOLIS, June 14, 2013 -- OpenView Labs today announced that Lee Salz, sales onboarding expert and founder of The Revenue Accelerator has been named to its Top 25 Sales Influencers List for 2013.
"Iā€™m honored to be recognized for my accomplishments in sales management by OpenView Labs and to be included among these great sales minds for a second year in a row,ā€ said Lee Salz, Founder and CEO of The Revenue Accelerator.
Devon McDonald, Director of Sales and Marketing Support at OpenView Labs, said, "The Top 25 Sales Influencers list reflects our analysis of the sales thought leadership community. Sales management strategist, Lee Salz is leading the charge, connecting sales managers and reps with actionable insights and fantastic real-world advice.ā€
Salz is also the Founder and CEO of Sales Architects and Business Expert Webinars. He has authored three books including the award-winning book Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager. His new book, coming out in Fall 2013, is called Hire Right Higher Profits ā€“ Turn Your Sales Team from Money Pit to Wise Revenue Investment.
Lee is also the host of the popular series the Sales Management Minute, expert panel chairperson of the Sales Management Challenge skill development program and creator of the largest sales management group on LinkedIn - Sales Management Executives.
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