Sales Person Onboarding Best Practices Teaches Executives How to Protect Their New Hire Investment

New eBook presents the financial impact of sales person onboarding and the steps to take to implement it.

MINNEAPOLIS, October 5, 2011The Revenue Accelerator™ announced today the publishing of an eBook titled Sales Person Onboarding Best Practices written by its CEO and Sales Management Expert, Lee B. Salz.

"When sales teams aren’t performing, few executives trace the root cause of the issue back to sales person onboarding - the process through which the sales people were assimilated into sales roles. There is a belief instilled in many business leaders that they can hire great sales talent who will succeed with little effort from the company. As a result, many sales people unnecessarily fail (or underperform), said Lee B. Salz, Sales Management Strategist and CEO of The Revenue Accelerator™.

"What many of these leaders don’t recognize is that a sales person arrives at a company with skills and potential. Onboarding is the bridge connecting those skills with proficiency in the sales role for the company so that the potential becomes reality.”

In Sales Person Onboarding Best Practices, the business case for onboarding is presented and the step-by-step process through which a company can launch an onboarding initiative is shared.

The Sales Person Onboarding Best Practices eBook is being offered complimentary for a limited time. To receive your copy of the eBook, click HERE.

About The Revenue Accelerator™
The Revenue Accelerator™ is designed to help sales leaders quickly and effectively onboard their new hire sales people. A blend between onboarding technology and learning management system, The Revenue Accelerator™ provides sales people with the structure they need to use their skills in the sales role for the company. Designed to reduce ramp-up time and improve sales performance, The Revenue Accelerator™ can be used by companies of any size, in any industry. For more information or to schedule a system demonstration, visit

Lee B. Salz
The Revenue Accelerator™
Founder and Chief Executive Officer