The Revenue Accelerator™ Launches Its Onboarding Wizard Tool

Sales learning management system creates technology to prepare companies for employee onboarding.

MINNEAPOLIS, June 2, 2011The Revenue Accelerator™ announced today the launch of its Onboarding Wizard to help companies construct their sales person onboarding program.

"The toolset included in The Revenue Accelerator™ sales learning management system is ideal for companies that already have a documented onboarding program for their new hire sales people to improve effectiveness. However, we’ve found that most companies do not have a well-defined sales person onboarding program,” said Lee B. Salz, sales management strategist and CEO of The Revenue Accelerator™. "As a result, we developed ourOnboarding Wizard to prepare these companies to use onboarding as a way to get their new hire sales people up to speed quickly and effectively. The Onboarding Wizard helps companies clearly identify the onboarding finish line, set expectations of those who successfully complete the program and create a plan to achieve the expectations that have been set.”

By using the Onboarding Wizard, companies are prepared to use the toolset provided in The Revenue Accelerator™ to develop their onboarding program and corresponding exam to ensure sales person proficiency. A blend between onboarding technology and learning management system, The Revenue Accelerator™ creates structure for the sales person onboarding experience to improve salesforce effectiveness.

About The Revenue Accelerator™
The Revenue Accelerator™ is designed to help sales leaders quickly and effectively onboard their new hire sales people. A blend between onboarding technology and learning management system, The Revenue Accelerator™ provides sales people with the structure they need to use their skills in the sales role for the company. Designed to reduce ramp-up time and improve sales performance, The Revenue Accelerator™ can be used by companies of any size, in any industry. For more information or to schedule a system demonstration, visit

Lee B. Salz
The Revenue Accelerator™
Founder and Chief Executive Officer